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OIUSA Mission and Objectives

Our ultimate objectives are to promote economic, educational, and cultural development of Ikwerre people; provide expertise and other resources for the development of Ikwerre communities; and promote mutual understanding and friendship between Ikwerre indigenes and people of other nationalities.

Watch and Listen to Our Mission and Objectives in a nutshell from our former President

Our Profile

Ogbakor Ikwerre USA (OIUSA), Inc. is a non-profit organization of Ikwerre indigenes residing in the United States of America and Canada. We are committed to the survival of the Ikwerre nation.
OIUSA is an incorporated body that was founded on July 6, 1996 in Los Angeles, California. The organization is incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia, but maintains its headquaters in Los Angeles. Membership comprises of individuals and associations that subscribe to OIUSA vision. Members come from nearly the 50 states in the United States and Canada. The leadership apparatus of OIUSA include an Executive Committee of fourteen men and women of proven integrity. A president, who is the chief executive and spokesperson, heads the OIUSA secretariat.
OIUSA sponsors and supports activities in which Ikwerre indigenes enhance their economic, educational, and cultural well-being. We are committed to seeing OIUSA provide a positive alternative for the Ikwerre nation. Our goal is to effectively convey the value and benefit of selfless service and honor through prudent actions, and enhancing positive perception of the organisation and Ikwerre people. By design, we are a vibrant and energetic group bound by one mission, and we pride ourselves in service, loyalty and integrity.

Our Commitment

We are driven by the fundamental desire to do good for the Ikwerre ethnic nationality and mankind in general. OIUSA is committed to helping in the areas of youth, health campaigns, economic development, conflict resolution, and cultural preservation. We feel confident that this narrow mission can make a difference in the lives of our people and mankind in general. It is our desire to form credible partnerships with other groups and bodies to achieve these goals. And we hope you can partner with us to ensure continued survival of this small but important group of people.

Strategic Imperatives

We will work collaboratively with individuals, groups, and government partners to facilitate the development of effective programs that create the best opportunity for optimal success of Ikwerre citizens. We are sincerely hoping that through this brief narrative about OIUSA and its laudable projects you have learned what we stand for to support this humanitarian effort that is rooted in trust and belief in human survival for the general human race. We look forward to your support, in whatever form it might be. Every human being counts, and Ikwerre people count.