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OIUSA Medical Missions

Ogbakor Ikwerre USA (OIUSA) Inc. & Canada is a non-profit organization of Ikwerre (Iwhuruohna) indigenes residing in the United States and Canada; committed to the service, survival and prosperity of Iwhuruohna people and communities. OIUSA's primary objectives are social, cultural, humanitarian and educational advancement of Iwhuruohna people.
As a part of the Humanitarian and Educational services OIUSA Inc. & Canada, periodically embark on a full Medical and Surgical Missions project. This Medical & Surgical Mission (MSM) project is planned and scheduled to hold in Eli-Iwhuruohna in Rivers State of Nigeria, with the overall theme of “Ehnioma Bu Ekwnu” (Health is Wealth), and the purpose of the mission is to provide an array of Medical & Surgical services for the targeted under-served population of these communities.
OIUSA Inc. & Canada has been in existence for over 20 years and has been involved in different charitable programs and medical missions. The organization has been providing Health Fairs and Medical Missions in Iwhuruohna communities in the past. In 2013, Ogbakor Ikwerre USA Inc. & Canada organized a Health Fair in Isiokpo, in Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria. And in May of 2017, OIUSA/Canada, in partnership with other ethnic groups and Rivers State Foundation,Inc. engaged in medical and surgical missions in Rivers State, Nigeria, providing healthcare services to the various communities in Rivers State. Recently, in response to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), OIUSA/Canada engaged in a successful Public Service Campaign in Rivers State,to educate the citizens about the threats of the deadly virus, and on how to prevent and protect themselves from it. The project included easy-to-read, and discern banners, audio/visual announcements on radio, television, and the various social media outlets, with translations in Ikwerre language and Pigeon English. The most recent medical mission specifically provided a full Medical and Surgical Mission (MSM) in all areas of healthcare specialties, mainly to the Iwhuruohna Communities.The 2021 MSM project provided free full Medical & Surgical services to all age groups and in all areas of healthcare specialties including:(All the areas listed below)


Free consultations available by general practice Physicians, Primary care services, Dental exams/care, Diabetic testing/treatment, Hypertension Treatment, Malaria & Typhoid testing and treatment, Pain and Wound care, Gastroenterological services and Colonoscopy/Endoscopy, HIV & AIDs screening and counseling, Prostate Cancer testing (PSA), Breast Examination and Breast cancer screening, Prenatal Care, Pap Smear, Cardiological testing & EKG, and Pediatric care among others. Our qualified physicians will be performing Physical exams, diagnosing and recommending proper treatments.


Major surgeries will be referred to Tertiary Hospitals, but our general surgeons will be performing minor surgeries in all specialty areas such as OBGYN, ENT, UROLOGY and ORTHOPEDICS. These will include Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Breast Biopsy, Removal of Cysts and lipoma and Fibroids; Hernia Repairs, Appendectomy, Laparoscopic surgeries, to mention a few.


Our invited Optometrist will be performing free eye exams to assess eye care, determine who needs eye surgery for Cataract, Glaucoma or Pterygium and who needs glasses. Free reading and prescription glasses from our donations/stock. Those in need of eye surgery will be evaluated by Ophthalmologists for further treatment.

Nursing and Registration

Our Registered Nurses will be assessing and registering indigent patients. Nursing will obtain a brief history, vital signs and pertinent patient history, performing initial patient assessment and obtaining data for statistical purposes.


Our Radiographers/radiographic technicians will be performing Ultrasounds, CT Scans, X-rays etc. which will be read and interpreted by our Board-Certified Radiologists and Interventional Radiologists who will also be on board.


Indigent patients needing laboratory examinations and workup as ordered by Medical Providers will be referred to our Medical Technologists (Labs Scientists) and microbiologists for both blood work and other lab works.


We will provide a functioning Pharmacy Department for free dispensing of medications, filling prescriptions with medications brought from United States of America and Canada.